Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick - shade 03


Probably even birds in the sky know that i looooooove Rimmel lipsticks... It was good news to read that Kate Moss and Rimmel launched new lipstick line to celebrate their successful decade long partnership... So i visited Boots and got me one lipstick... There are a few different shades available but i chose shade 03 because i liked that one the most. The other shades weren't really my taste because i don't usually wear red, pink or purple lipsticks...
Packaging - nice and typical Rimmel, i like it
The colour - subtle and gorgeous, well pigmented and soft texture, i like it
One blurry picture i made in the moment of the inspiration ;-)
Pictured in natural light
pictured with flash
So yeah, the lipstick is gorgeous, the quality is great, it isn't expensive, but the only remark i have is the choice of colours... I wish there was at last one real nude beige lipstick... This one was the closest i could find, but it isn't beige but more rosy/brown nude, but it's gorgeous colour anyway.

Did you try this lipstick yet? Do you like it?



  1. Indeed the colour is gorgeous! :D I've of their lipsticks so many times and I badly want one now :D


  2. Thank you for the review! I like 01 shade but I must say this one is lovely as well. I'll probably get both of them very soon :)