Monday, October 18, 2010

S-HE nail polishes: nail care, yellow, smokey brown


Last few days i was trying nail polishes i bought on my holiday in Belgrade. This post will be about S-HE nail polishes.
I dunno how many of you who live in UK, Ireland and NA heard about this brand but it is sold in "DM drogeriemarkt" stores that are all over Germany, Austria, Serbia and surrounding countries. S-HE brand is very affordable and quite decent quality for the price paid. I would compare its prices to Essence. :-)
If you want to see more S-HE products this is their website:

Nail polishes i bought: (looking from the left)
- nail care polish - to make the nail surface smoother and stronger
- yellow nail polish
- smokey brown

- Nail care polish - quite nice one! :-) I don't have strong nails at all. They break and layer easily, thanks to that their surface isn't very smooth and strong. But this nail polish really worked for me! :-)
You can see on the photos below the difference before and after it is applied...


Ha, quite a difference?! :-)

- Yellow nail polish - this color is just amazing! So sunny, bright and cheerful that i just adore it! :-)

- Smokey brown - very popular this summer, very classic and suitable for both day and night occasions. :-)

In the end let me show you little catalogue from DM drogeriemarkt store. I just love this cosmetic store! :-D
My rating (scale 1-5, 1 - the worst, 5 - the best)

* quality: 5

* packaging: 5

* how long does it stay on the skin: 5

* would i buy it again: yes

* price: 249 Serbian dinars or approximately 2.34 Euros

* overall: 5

* where to buy: DM drogeriemarkt stores (this is their website , it isn't in English but you can try to translate it using any of internet translating tools)

Enjoy the day! xxx


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