Monday, October 25, 2010

Rimmel lipsticks - Nude Pink, Dare, Be Bold


I think i should spend a few words on my beloved Rimmel lipsticks! :-)
I use Rimmel forever and i really like it. In my opinion some items they make are better, some are less good, but i always think that all makeup brands simply specialize in certain products while the rest of the products are more or less just average.
What i find really impressive about Rimmel are their lipsticks and concealers. These are Rimmel products i will always use because i just find them great.

This is a review on 3 Rimmel lipsticks:
- Nude Pink (206)
- Dare (138)
- Be Bold (120)
- Nude Pink and Dare:
soft and moisturizing lipsticks.
Nude Pink is my must-have shade. I buy it for ages and no matter i tried to find alternative with the similar color (and i don't even know why i was looking for the alternative ;-), i actually never managed to find such beautiful pearly pale lipstick as it is Nude Pink. I wear it alone or combine it with other lipsticks.
Dare is pearly color between dark red and dark rose, absolutely fantastic color. :-)

On the photos below: left Nude Pink, righ Dare

Nude Pink
- Be Bold:
very tinted red lipstick, perfect to achieve "femme fatale" effect! ;-)

My rating (scale 1-5, 1 - the worst, 5 - the best)

* quality: 5

* packaging: 4 (i would just prefer better quality plastc package, since Nude Pink lid broke in my pocket)

* how long does it stay on the skin: 4

* would i buy it again: yes

* overall: 5 - not expensive, great quality, big choice of the shades, easy to find

* where to buy: Rimmel - i can imagine it's almost everywhere! ;-)

What are your fav Rimmel lipsticks? :-)



  1. some of my favourite rimmel lipsticks - pink blush, airy fairy and heavenly. These are really nice for a drugstore lipstick. I like the ones you got! :)

  2. @ Hannah: lovely colors, aren't they? :-)
    @ Justine @ Productrater: thanks for the suggestion, i must check out those colors! :-)

  3. Thanks for the review..^^ LOL..I looked for alternative even when my fav lipstick is cheap already..XD weird

  4. I LOVE Rimmel Lasting Finish #138 DARE...such a pretty shade. However I used the last of mine & now I can't find it anywhere!! Does anyone know where I might be able to find this item?

  5. I LOVE Rimmel Lasting Finish #138 DARE...such a pretty shade. However I used the last of mine & can't find it anywhere! Any ideas where I might be able to find more?