Monday, June 7, 2010

GOSH "Touch Up" Green Concealer


Today i'll do review on one of my the most favorite concealers - "Touch Up" green concealer by GOSH. :-))

I am very picky when it comes to concealers, and i bought this one a few months ago in a local pharmacy just out of curiosity. So far i got disappointed into many concealers because they give either cakey effect or they are not matching my skin color, or they are oily.. It's so hard to satisfy me. ;-)
Anyway i decided to try out Gosh "Touch Up" green concealer and at the first moment when i opened the tube i thought that i wasted money because applicator is quite unusual. It is one very little brush, similar one like in nail-polish package just a lot shorter. So i thought how am i suuposed to use that thing?! But when i applied it i realized that the brush is designed really well because it is suitable for both small and bigger spots, smaller or bigger area of coverage. The brush is actually really good and useful and i realized that my first impression was wrong.

As you can see on the pictures it is small pot, but it lasts very long because i use really just tiny bit of the product and the coverage is already more than perfect. If i would use bigger quantity my skin would look completely green and i don't want that to happen.

The texture is smooth, light when well blended on to the skin and it lasts all day long so one application is enough. I apply it after moisturizer, before applying foundation/powder.

It is used to cover red spots on the skin, i use it to cover blemish and red capilars i have on my face, especially around my nose and chin.

But to demonstrate how it covers redness i made pictures of little scar i have on my arm, then i applied the concealer and blended it well. I hope you can see well how good the coverage is! :-)

After applying it i would suggest applying normal foundation or powder just to get rid of that slightly green tone from the concealer.

My rating: (scale 1-5)

* quality: 5

* packaging: 5

* how long does it last: 5 (yes it stays all day on my skin)

* would i buy it again: yes, and not just that one, but i also want to try out other colors of this concealer! :-)

* price: 10.99 e (i bought it in local pharmacy)

* overall: 5 (I'm more than satisfied with this concealer, it is really good quality)

advantages are light texture, lasts long, so it is very good quality;
disadvantages: having to get used to application brush (but when i got used to it i could consider it now advantage :-)) and the price. So all in all i'm sure i'll keep using this one for long time, and i definitely didn't waste money by buying it.:-)

Enjoy the evening and i'll be back soon with more reviews! :-)

xxx, Jelena


  1. Thanks!

    Perfect review - I will have to pick this up next time I go shopping.

  2. Thanks! :-) Feel free to share your opinion on the concealer! :-)

  3. This is nolonger selling in Superdrug and online will cost £15.99 to be sent home.
    Would be super to find again on the high street, affordable!